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My name is Jeff and my sole purpose in life is to serve and bring glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I came to U-Turn for Christ in March of 1998.  My life was broken and defeated because of years of drug abuse and selfish living.  I will never forget sitting in the office at the U-Turn ranch in Perris, CA and just having this feeling of complete surrender and no longer wanting to live my life as an enemy to God.  I remember praying to God - please forgive me and in your grace take my life and do with it as you please. I’m sorry for not trusting you before.  Please use me as you desire.  This place of brokenness and surrender brought me to a position where God was now able to work in me and through me.  God has been so faithful and has led me to a life of servant-hood doing His will - not mine.

I am thankful for Pastor Gerry Brown and his obedience to the Lord for starting a ministry like U-Turn for Christ that has inspired me to take on the call to carry that same vision that I might also see many more men be transformed, as I was, into servants of Christ

Senior Pastor


Director of U-Turn for Christ Colorado

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